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Farmwise in the News

Veggie Fries Carrot A fresh look at frozen food
Don’t let the freezer case fool you Just because a food is frozen, don’t think that it holds less nutritional value than fresh foods do In fact, often times, frozen fruits or vegetables contain more nutrition than produce you might find at the market You might wonder how this is possible Well,... read more
Chicken Veggie Nuggets and Tenders A healthy new take on family favorites – Farmwise® Chicken Veggie Nuggets and Tenders!
We are thrilled to announce the newest addition to the Farmwise Foods lineup, Chicken Veggie Nuggets and Chicken Veggie Tenders! From the makers of Veggie Fries®, Veggie Tots® and Veggie Rings™, Farmwise is bringing break-through innovation to America’s beloved Chicken Nugget with the launch... read more
Chicken Veggie Nuggets and Tenders Farmwise® Creates All-In-One Chicken Veggie Nuggets & Tenders
FAMILY FAVORITE CHICKEN NUGGETS GET HEALTHY VEGGIE MAKE-OVER BOSTON, MA – September 6, 2018 –Farmwise, LLC—makers of Veggie Fries®, Veggie Tots® and Veggie Rings™ has created a new Healthier Chicken category with the launch of Chicken Veggie Nuggets and Tenders "As parents of... read more
Veggie Fries Vegetables Ready…Set…Go… And Eat Your Veggies
Many parents find getting their kids to eat vegetables to be quite the challenge And in fact some of them even give up But the truth is it is very important to a balanced diet to include at least 2-3 servings of vegetables a day Here are some tips to get your kids eating vegetables and enjoy-ing... read more
Farmwise product lineup Now available at Target nationwide!
Farmwise has been working around the clock to be able to make our delicious tots, fries, and rings accessible to everyone Now that it is August, we are excited to expand the opportunity for everyone to taste our delicious products! We are proud to announce that our Carrot Veggie Fries, Broccoli... read more
Farmwise Veggie Fries Farmwise Foods Rolls Out at Target Stores
Farmwise Foods, founded in 2014 by David and Cristina Peters, has been rolling out fries and tots made out of various veggies since the start of the company Their sales have been tripling every year and have been growing in their presence in various national markets They can be found in various... read more
Veggie Tots When Nutrition Matters
Farmwise offers today’s health conscious consumer a variety of flavorful, nutritious food choices, including the original Farmwise Veggie Tots There are imitators, but do not be fooled by other vegetable tots that just do not stack up to Farmwise Veggie Tots when it comes to nutritional... read more
Farmwise VeggieRings Celiac Expo 2018 Better options for Americans suffering from celiac disease
Celiac Disease, which affects an estimated 3 million Americans, is a hereditary auto immune disorder caused by consuming foods or medicine containing the protein gluten Wheat, barley, and rye are the foods where gluten is found The only treatment for Celiac Disease is complete abstinence from... read more
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