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A fresh look at frozen food

October 21, 2018
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Don’t let the freezer case fool you. Just because a food is frozen, don’t think that it holds less nutritional value than fresh foods do. In fact, often times, frozen fruits or vegetables contain more nutrition than produce you might find at the market. You might wonder how this is possible. Well, lets take a look at how frozen foods can measure up.

Quite often, one grabs produce at the local market thinking this will be a nutrient dense and delicious choice. Despite good intentions, the produce can wind up being over ripe or not quite ripe enough. We find ourselves cutting away the over ripe spots or waiting days on end to find the right time to eat it. This can be lead to much frustration and be costly, if the produce is not measuring up to what you had hoped to bring home.

Now take a look at some of the healthy frozen produce in the market place today. Many of these companies pride themselves on nutrient dense frozen options for those looking to lock in nutrient dense options. These foods are often processed at a time when the fruit or vegetable is at a peak for its ripeness. Many times foods are flash frozen right from the fields where they are grown, to help preserve the nutritional quality of the produce. This allows the consumer to be able to still enjoy a nutrient dense fruit or vegetable straight from their freezer.

When it comes to other frozen foods, from side dishes to entrees, there are still an abundance of foods that are still top quality and nutrient dense. The key is to read the labels to better understood what is inside the packaging. Reading the labels, understanding ingredients and even being familiar with the companies mission on serving up healthy products can also prove to set the record straight. Within the freezer case you will find great options that contain only the healthiest ingredients, no added preservatives, nothing artificial, allergen free and non GMO offerings. These are the types of products that you can trust to still be nutrient dense and healthy, despite being frozen.

In a fast paced world, where we don’t always have time to grab fresh food for all of our meals, we often need to rely on some frozen foods to feed our family. Rest assured that this does not mean you must compromise on quality. In fact, some of the healthiest foods can exist within the freezer case after all.

Marlo Mittler
Food Counselor, Nutritionist & Dietician