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Farmwise Foods Rolls Out at Target Stores

July 31, 2018
 Broccoli Veggie Fries, Farmwise Foods, Target

Farmwise products now at Target storesFarmwise Foods, founded in 2014 by David and Cristina Peters, has been rolling out fries and tots made out of various veggies since the start of the company. Their sales have been tripling every year and have been growing in their presence in various national markets.

They can be found in various stores throughout the country including Sprouts, Whole Foods, Wegmens and now in Targets across the country. With competition from Green Giant and Bird’s Eye, Farmwise Foods have been creating patents for their product names and processes to protect their product and to be able to compete with monster corporations with large budgets.

Peters expressed that their nutrition heavy product with superior taste and texture will hopefully lead the road to more sales, awareness, and success to provide consumers with a cleaner and healthier alternative to Bird’s Eye and Green Giant products.

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