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Food Processing on Veggie Rings: “A Healthy Solution for Onion Ring Lovers”

February 16, 2018
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Veggie Rings Food Processing

Veggie Rings were featured in Food Processing, labeled as a healthy solution for onion ring lovers! Read what they had to say about our newest product:

“Boston-based Farmwise LLC, makers of Veggie Fries and Veggie Tots, expands with a new form and vegetable combination in Veggie Rings. It’s a blend of cauliflower, navy beans and onions inside, and a crunchy gluten-free breading on the outside. Veggie Rings are a healthier solution for those who love traditional onion rings. In addition to being packed with vitamins and minerals, a 10-ring serving of Veggie Rings is a good source of fiber and contains 4g of protein (from the beans). A serving of the rings also counts as two daily servings of vegetables. This frozen vegan side dish and snack is free of the top-eight allergens, and like the other veggie items, is best prepared in the oven.

These products are the brainchild of Dave and Cristina Peters, who together with their three children, created the first batches of product in their home kitchen. The company was founded in 2013 with the debut of Veggie Fries in four crispy, crunchy varieties: carrot, broccoli, chickpea & red pepper, and kale & Tuscan herb. Soon after, Veggie Tots made its debut as a combination of broccoli, sweet potato and white beans.”

Source: Food Processing

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