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Freeze! Put Up Your Cukes!

March 22, 2017
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Veggie Fries is taking the midwest by storm! We were honored to be part of a news segment on Fox 32 Chicago titled, Freezer Friendly Foods where dietician and healthy living expert Ashley Pettit presented some of her favorite (and fast) freezer foods. (Hint: Veggie Fries was included!)

Ashley’s blog, Living with Ashley is well worth checking out for various fun healthy eating tips. Take a look at the video HERE.

Veggie Fries on Living with Ashley
Here’s what Ashley also wrote about Veggie Fries on her blog (full article here):

Potatoes don’t have to be the only ingredient in a french fry! Trust me, these veggie fries deliver 2 servings of veggies for every 10 fries you consume, which is a great way to boost your nutrition + fiber intake!

  • Created by parents Dave & Cristina Peters, Veggie Fries are a tasty and convenient way to incorporate veggie nutrition. Made from a blend of farm-grown vegetables, legumes and + potatoes…
  • They are an excellent source of Vitamins A, C + K
  • Non-GMO. gluten-free, + also free of all of the top 8 allergens (great for kids!)
  • For where to find them + get more information on their flavors

Veggie Fries is perfect for the busy, time-strapped parents who still want to put nutritious food in front of their families. From our family to yours. 

Team Veggie Fries