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Give Peas a Chance…

February 8, 2017

We gave peas a chance and it worked! Our Chickpeas, Red Peppers & Potatoes Veggie Fries were just featured in Specialty Food Magazine’s Product Roundup (winter issue)!

Veggie Fries Chickpeas, Red Peppers & Potatoes
Here’s an excerpt from the article written by Sara Kay:

Give Chickpeas a Chance

Healthy Life Brands

We couldn’t agree more. Not only are chickpeas delicious, they’re packed with nutrients your body needs:

  • Protein: A vegetarian source of protein, one cup of cooked chickpeas contain 15 grams.
  • Fiber: Rich in fiber, one cooked cup of chickpeas provides 12.5 grams.
  • Manganese and Folate: Packed with almost 2 milligrams of manganese and 282 micrograms of folate, chickpeas help support bone development and your metabolism.

And to get the benefits of chickpeas in a fast, healthy, delicious, family-friendly food like Veggie Fries is just the icing on the cake… or should we say chickpeas in your fries.


Happy eating!

Team Veggie Fries