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It’s a Pairings Palooza!

June 27, 2016
 pairings, palooza

We love our Veggie Fries with good old classic ketchup. But sometimes, our taste buds just want to walk on the wild side a bit. This month, we’ve been pairing all our delicious flavors with fun and interesting dips and sauces.

First up, Sriracha Sauce! We paired this hot and tangy sauce with our chickpea/red pepper and broccoli flavors and the vote was unanimous: more please!

sriracha sauce with Veggie Fries

Then, to cool things down a bit, we switched gears and tried our fries with cool, creamy, savory Tzatziki. Definitely a stronger taste punch but good to the last fry!

tzatziki and Veggie Fries

Finally, hummus was not to be outdone. And there’s nothing chickpeas like better than more, um, chickpeas. Try our Chickpeas, Red Peppers & Potatoes and Carrot flavors with hummus for a rich and satisfying snack.

Ah, so many flavors, so little time.

veggie fries taste test

Happy taste testing! If you have any fun and/or unusual pairings, please post them on our Facebook page HERE.

Team Veggie Fries