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No Kidding… We’re Kid Kritics Approved!

December 4, 2015
 Kid Kritics, taste test

Kid Veggie FriesThere are no tougher critics on the planet than kids (well, with the possible exception of your mother-in-law).

So, when we brought a bunch of kids together for an independently-run taste test, we knew we were going to get the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help us God.

And that’s exactly what we got! Our savvy taste testers were asked to score our product on look, smell, and taste — Veggie Fries scored a 90% on the “tastes good” scale, officially earning us the Kid Kritics seal of approval.

Best of all? Our young tasters had a lot of colorful feedback…

“It tastes so good my taste buds had a party and my tongue fainted!”

“I love these kinds of fries. I love it!!!!!! It tasted like real french fries, but with a different look.”

“It tasted like fries in wonderland and I love it.”

“I really love it – so good that my taste buds were making a volcano.”

“It was so good my brain said, ‘What is that? Please, please, please feed me some more – I’m begging – please, please, please can I? It tastes like a rainbow!'”

Large Kids Pic
“It is having party in my belly. I could eat it every day! It was so good that I could explode a rainbow.

“There was a big party in my stomach!”

And there you have it! Veggie Fries is Kid Kritics Approved. And we’re so thrilled, we might just ‘explode a rainbow’ too.

Want to know more about Veggie Fries, including where to find us? Check us out HERE.


Veggie Fries gets Kid Kritic Approval