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Now available at Target nationwide!

August 6, 2018
 Broccoli Veggie Tots, Carrot Veggie Fries, Cauliflower Veggie Rings, Target stores

Farmwise product lineupFarmwise has been working around the clock to be able to make our delicious tots, fries, and rings accessible to everyone. Now that it is August, we are excited to expand the opportunity for everyone to taste our delicious products! We are proud to announce that our Carrot Veggie Fries, Broccoli Veggie Tots, and Cauliflower Veggie Rings will now be available in Target stores across the nation! Get a coupon today and try our healthy snacks at your local Target!

There are over 1,500 Target stores around the country and now that we are part of the national Target family there are more ways than ever to share Farmwise Veggie Fries, Veggie Tots and Veggie Rings with your own family! To find a Target near you that has our veggielicious products, click here.