Fueling Families With Plants & Protein

October is Nat’l Vegetarian Awareness Month

October 6, 2017
 national vegetarian month

Not only is October National Vegetarian Awareness Month, it’s also chock full of other fun (and healthy) food holidays, including National Kale Day, National Mushroom Day and National Pumpkin Day. (Ok, there’s also a National Beer Day!)National Vegetarian Awareness Month

This healthy holiday encourages us all to fill up on lots of veggies and fruits to stay healthy. 

Our belief in a healthy veggie-filled diet is what led us to create Veggie Fries, Tots, and Rings. Packed with heart-healthy fiber plus vitamins and minerals, they’re the perfect snack or side dish for busy families. And the warm, crispy taste makes all our products a guilt-free comfort food for fall. 

-From our Farmwise family to yours.