Fueling Families With Plants & Protein

Our Nutrition Ambassadors

We’re thrilled to have a growing team of nutrition ambassadors spreading the word about Veggie Fries and Veggie Tots across the country! Please meet our ambassadors and check back here for more information as this program moves forward. Click here if you are interested in being part of our Registered Dieticians Newsletter.

Veggie Fries Nutrition Ambassador Danyel Brewer

Danyel Brewer


Healthy lifestyles start early and Danyel has tips and tricks to help you and your family achieve your goals- starting with pregnancy and into adulthood. She has years of experience in pediatric nutrition helping children and families. Aside from being a Registered Dietitian, she is also a lactation consultant with a passion for helping moms succeed with breastfeeding.

Veggie Fries Nutrition Ambassador Eleni Agresti

Eleni Agresti


Eleni is a Registered Dietitian (RD) who divides her time working at a nursing home and developing her private practice. She is passionate about educating the community on leading a healthy lifestyle. Eleni is working to develop workshops that encompass healthy eating with fitness. For more information about Eleni, click HERE.

Veggie Fries Nutrition Ambassador Allison J. Stowell

Allison J. Stowell


Allison J. Stowell is the founder of Stowell Nutrition, a nutrition communications and consulting company based in Connecticut. She frequently contributes to nutrition, wellness and family life blogs and publications, and often leads seminars and webinars on various topics within nutrition. She also serves as a gluten-free kitchen consultant, enabling restaurants to follow GF protocols to make them safe for patrons. Allison also works at the Guiding Stars Licensing Company and as a retail Dietitian for Hannaford Supermarket. Allison lives with her husband and two children, and knows all too well what’s it’s like to keep a celiac family safe. Follow Allison via @AllisonStowell and @GuidingStarsRD.

Veggie Fries Nutrition Ambassador Kim Geiringer

Kim Geiringer


Kim Geiringer has a Bachelor of Science from the University of Delaware and a Masters of Science in Nutrition from Long Island University. She also completed a Dietetic Internship at University Medical Center in Tucson Arizona. Kim has been practicing nutrition for over 20 years and has a background counseling clients for many disease states including weight management and diabetes education.

Kim was born and raised in New York and is the mother of three beautiful children. She is currently working as a consultant for a drug and alcohol rehab as well as private practice.

Kim’s goals as a Dietitian is to help promote a healthy lifestyle for everyone and is very excited to be promoting a healthy product such as Veggie Fries.