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Ready…Set…Go… And Eat Your Veggies

August 24, 2018
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Many parents find getting their kids to eat vegetables to be quite the challenge. And in fact some of them even give up. But the truth is it is very important to a balanced diet to include at least 2-3 servings of vegetables a day. Here are some tips to get your kids eating vegetables and enjoy-ing them too!

Veggie Fries Vegetables

    • Did you know that it takes 10 times in 12 days to develop a new taste bud? Yep! In every study, in every state, in every person, when you try something that often in a short amount of time, you will uncover and de-velop a taste bud. While at first the taste may not be appealing each day it becomes more familiar and you will learn to like it and love it! So give your kids an age appropriate taste (usually 3 bites) and let them rate it. Each day watch as they learn to like it!


    • Smoothies are a great way to introduce vegetables to your kids diet. Make a smoothie that pairs a more neutral vegetables, such as a green one and pairs it with a sweeter tasting fruit, to make a great drink. This is a fun way to get your kids involved in the kitchen blending up a great nutritious drink.


    • Since the whole world seems to love chips and pasta, why not turn your vegetables into veggie chips and veggie spaghetti. Take things like brussel sprout leaves, carrot slices, and butternut squash and roast them with a bit of olive oil and spices until crisp. Or use a gadget to turn the vegetables into strands and sauté them up. Great for zucchini lin-guine, or substitute with beets or carrots with tomato sauce and cheese.


    • Dip it in! Kids love dips and just about everything goes. It may not ap-peal to you but kids taste buds are often more open to mixing it up. Set out dips such as ranch dressing, applesauce, peanut butter or even melted cheese and let them dip fresh vegetables. A great way to get them to give it a try!


    • Check out the variety of healthy foods at the supermarket that can make vegetables a family staple! For example, check out Veggie Fries. Veggie Fries, are made from USA grown potatoes, carefully selected farm-grown vegetables, beans, spices and herbs to make the most authentic and delicious flavors. Each contains at least 25% of non-potato vegetable and has a crispy outside, while it is fluffy and tender on the inside. Once they try this fry, they won’t want any other!


  • Farm fresh vegetables are delicious! In fact when given the chance to try fresh vegetables direct from a farm stand, 60% of kids are more like-ly to give them a try! In fact, show your kids a real carrot, with the root intact and look at their face. Many have never seen them or tasted them in this form. Wash and peel and let them taste the freshness over the baby carrots that they have often passed up.