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Veggie Fries Featured in The Valley Breeze & Observer

April 30, 2014
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A twist on the tater

Spice up the average fried spud with a new product now available at Dave’s Fresh Marketplace. Veggie Fries, founded by Boston-based couple Dave and Cristina Perters, are potato- and vegetable-based frozen french fries made with non-GMO canola and sunflower oil. “Like most Americans, I grew up – and even raised my own family – eating french fries,” said David Peters, founder and CEO of Veggie Fries, in a release. “I realized that no other brand in the space was attempting to fulfill consumer demand and desire for a delicious fry that also delivered real, vegetable nutrition. And that is how Veggie Fries was born.” Options include fries made with carrots, broccoli, chickpeas, and red peppers, and tuscan beans and herbs. It’s a unique flavor profile that has been taste-tested by the Peters children for quality.

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