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Veggie Fries are Kid Kritics Approved!

April 4, 2014
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Back in February, we submitted our Veggie Fries to Kid Kritics Approved (KKA). We already know that our kids love our product, but we wanted to see what kids ages 5-12 would say without any influence from mom or dad. Here is KKA’s blog post on the results:

Veggie Fries taste chartNow, most of you that know me are completely shocked to hear the words even come out of my mouth. I have avoided fast foods and most fried foods for my family at all costs! And I still do, that’s why these Veggie Fries still fit into my family’s healthier eating plan! Veggie Fries come in 4 different flavors: Carrots, Broccoli, Chickpea and Red Pepper, Tuscan Bean and Herb. Each one has potatoes as the first ingredient, but then 3 of the varieties have white beans and the other has chickpeas!

The broccoli, carrot and Chickpea and Red Bell Pepper have a vegetable in it as well! This awesome combination of ingredients makes them higher in fiber, protein and vitamins than a regular all potato French fry. veggie fries broccoli Okay, so as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist this product looked pretty great with no trans-fats, only 0.5g of saturated fat per serving, and up to 3g of protein. But will the kids accept it and like it? My kids absolutely loved them! They couldn’t get enough of it when I made it to go with our Turkey burgers. But my kids have been exposed to all vegetables since a very young age, and they aren’t picky eaters by all means. Our Kid Kritics group though range from 5 to 12 years of age and are a varied bunch! I have some picky eaters, some healthy eaters and even some kids that are scared of anything green. When taste testing the Veggie Fries – Broccoli a few of the kids weren’t so sure about the green color and were suspicious of what it could be and taste like. But remember, our Kid Kritics kids are well educated on our Fuel Your Dreams program and they look for the specific foods that feed their dreams on a daily basis. They tried all 4 different flavored Veggie Fries (on different days) and approved every single one of them! Remember, that means that over 70% of the kids said they liked it and would love to have it again. To be specific, Veggie Fries rated as high as 100% on the Veggie Fries-Carrot flavor for example. They are crispy on the outside and fluffy on th inside, full of flavor and delicious to enjoy all by itself, no need for dips! Child eating Veggie FriesBottom line, Veggie Fries are a great alternative to regular fries providing better nutritional value and they taste amazing! As a bonus, they got our “picky eaters” and “afraid of greens” kids to look at green foods differently, and who knows… maybe now they will be more open to trying more green foods in the near future. We are not about hiding vegetables in other foods, but we are all for including vegetable in everything we possibly can so that we maximize our intake of the most varied selections of vegetables we can in one day; and these Veggie Fries are a great way to help us meet our daily servings for vegetables. If you are intrigued to trying them, please look at their website (www.eatvegggiefries.com) to find out where you can get some! And remember to always check our Sweepstakes page because we give a full case of Kid Kritics Approved Foods every week! … for the health of your family, Carolina

To read the full blog post on Kid Kritic Approved’s website, please click here.