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Veggie Fries with a DIY Newspaper Cup Tutorial!

August 21, 2015
 Newspaper cups, veggie fries, Viva Veltoro

Camille over at Viva Veltoro came up with a great way for you and your kids to enjoy Veggie Fries in a homemade newspaper cup!:


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Getting my toddlers to eat vegetables is becoming a real problem, so I’ve been experimenting with different kids of foods that are kid-friendly and still helpful in filling their bodies with the nutrition they need. Recently, our pediatrician recommended sweet potato fries, and I was excited about the idea of introducing frozen foods with a healthy twist. They were pretty well received, so I jumped on that wagon of finding more foods that they already love, but that also incorporate vegetables. When I found these Veggie Fries, I thought they looked like just the thing that would jive with my kids and ease my mind as I rack my brain on a daily basis for foods that are quick AND healthy. These vegetable-based french fries are crafted from farm-grown vegetables, legumes, herbs, and spices paired with potatoes sourced within the U.S.

My boys love their french fries and I love knowing that my kids are getting their vegetables, so these Veggie Fries are making everyone happy and taking frozen foods to a new place in my heart. These come in four varieties: Broccoli, Carrot, Chickpea & Red Pepper, and Tuscan Bean & Herb. I swear I’m at Stop & Shop nearly every other day, and picking up these new Veggie Fries didn’t take more than 5 seconds outside of my daily shopping routine. We picked out the Broccoli and Carrot varieties, and they were super easy to find in the freezer section.

We spent practically the entire winter indoors, and now that we’re spending almost half of our daylight hours outside, I forget to schedule time in for food prep when we’re out and about so much lately. I’ve loved having these in the freezer, ready to toss in the oven at a moment’s notice, especially when being creative with dinner is the last thing on my mind.

As I introduced this new food to my boys, I didn’t hide the fact that the word “veggie” was in the name of these snacks. I wasn’t trying to sneak vegetables into their diet or disguise them, but instead show them that vegetables can be versatile and really delicious. The founders of Veggie Fries were focused on creating a healthy fry that still possesses flavor and the delicious crunch of fries, and I think they’ve succeeded on all accounts. These are all natural, non-GMO, and gluten-free as well as being Vegan and free of allergens like soy, dairy, tree nuts, peanuts, and eggs.

These bake at 425º for 16-20 minutes and come out deliciously crunchy and sizzling. Every serving contains TWO servings of vegetables, and is a good source of fiber, Vitamin A or C, low in sodium, and offers 3+ grams of protein! The boys were intrigued by the fun colors and they really liked the Carrot flavor best. I could hardly take pictures fast enough before the little guy had eaten his entire cup full.

We cooked these up for a mid-afternoon snack and since we wanted to take them outside, I thought of another way to make these attractive and fun: newspaper cups! The newspaper absorbs a little bit of the grease and they sure look cute. These could be darling at an outdoor birthday party, grill party, or picnic!

Click here to see the full instructions!

Buy it: You can purchase the Broccoli and Carrot Veggie Fries at your local Stop & Shop. Other flavors can be found at select nationwide retailers like Wegmans, Whole Foods, and Shaws, among many others.


We’d like to extend a big thank you to Viva Veltoro for this great new way to enjoy our product.