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Veggie Fries… All in the Family

December 11, 2015
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Remember the old proverb, “Necessity is the mother of invention?” Well, when you’re an active, health-conscious family balancing kids, work, and life, putting a nutritious dinner on the table each evening is quite a challenge. And this is exactly what led the Peters family to revolutionize french fries and create Veggie Fries.

Veggie Fries are delicious Frozen French Fries made from a blend of all natural farm grown vegetables, legumes, and potatoes, chopped and blended together with herbs, spices, and just a pinch of sea salt.

Family eating Veggie Fries

Best of all? Veggie Fries can boast being vegan, Non-GMO certified, and free of the top 8 allergens including gluten, soy, dairy, and wheat. Each batch of Veggie Fries gives you the perfect crispy texture on the outside, fluffy and tender on the inside. Every variety has at least 27% of non-potato vegetables and legumes, containing 9 vegetable servings and a substantial amount of vegetable nutrition in every delicious 14oz bag. We’re also Kid Kritics approved… no easy feat!

Find us in the frozen food aisle at a variety of stores.